Lafay - the Harvester of Sorrow welcome to my sanctuary, weary stranger! Have a mug of ale, and listen up, for I will reveal to you, the secrets of ancient Medievia. Restless at heart, I started my misadventures at the age of 17, traveling further and further away from the city of Medievia as the years and my experience gained. I always carefully jotted down every detail of what i learned, so that one day my tales would be available for all who seek it. But time goes on, and as the years of my youth end, I may one day have to settle down; therefore, if you have a story or useful information that you would like to pass on, I'd be very happy to include your contribution to my tomes. I can usually be found exploring Medievia, but if not you can send a letter and my clerk will make sure I get it.

Lafay, the Harvester of Sorrow
The 33rd Day of the Month of the Scorpion, Year 498.

Easy Zones
  • Academy Braneri, the
  • City of Medievia
  • City of Tear, the
  • City of Trellor
  • Dray'mar
  • Drow City
  • Githyanki
  • Goblin Castle, the
  • Gypsy Camp
  • Mythago Wood
  • New Genesia
  • Labyrinth, the
  • Preserve, the
  • City of Thalos, the
  • Village of Gdangus, the
  • Wytherwind
  • Quest Maps
  • Shadowclaw
  • Hard Zones
  • Catacombs of Toshi
  • Crime Underground, the
  • Fury
  • Gereth Minar
  • Goland's Tower
  • Horneg's Keep
  • Lost City of Atlantis, the
  • Lost Civilization, the
  • Mighty Cutter Mystara
  • New Ashton
  • Pirate Ship
  • Riverton | Pk
  • Spirited Heights
  • Tar Valon
  • Underground Shafts, the
  • Vale, the
  • Village of Ruellia
  • Warrens of the Moshata
  • Deadly Zones
  • Asnor Mountains | 2
  • Bloodstone | 2
  • Catacombs, the
  • Chepstow castle
  • City of Lyryanoth, the 1 | 2
  • Cliffs of Dahnakriss, the
  • Forest of Wittermark
  • Dark Woods, the
  • Derah Villadom
  • Eldrick's Tomb
  • Falconspire castle
  • Fire Giants Keep, the
  • Foxstalker castle
  • Island Of Xanthal, the
  • Keep of Mahn-Tor, the
  • Mystical Forest, the
  • Thanos 1 | 2
  • Backdoor, the other side
    Useful Medievia information
  • Dam/Health
  • Dist./Contain.
  • Med Map
  • Political Map
  • Spells  Desc.
  • Equipment
  • Socials
  • Best traderun
  • Guestbook
  • About me, Lafay
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  • Whats new!!
  • List over all my victims - when murder becomes art
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