Lafay - the Harvester of Sorrow welcome to my sanctuary, weary stranger! Have a mug of ale, and listen up, for I will reveal to you, the secrets of ancient Medievia. Restless at heart, I started my misadventures at the age of 17, traveling further and further away from the city of Medievia as the years and my experience gained. I always carefully jotted down every detail of what i learned, so that one day my tales would be available for all who seek it. But time goes on, and as the years of my youth end, I may one day have to settle down; therefore, if you have a story or useful information that you would like to pass on, I'd be very happy to include your contribution to my tomes. I can usually be found exploring Medievia, but if not you can send a letter and my clerk will make sure I get it.

Lafay, the Harvester of Sorrow
The 33rd Day of the Month of the Scorpion, Year 498.

The Gypsy Camp

  • Lifespan: 15
  • Rooms: 55
Level Suggestions:
  • Solo: Level 15-22
  • Small Groups: Level 10-22
  • Large Groups: Not recommended

A large group of rancous, dirty gypsies have taken up residence to the north west of Medievia city. Within their camp lurk many shadowy figures, gypsy lovers, squwaling brats, and cardsharks. Beware the chief, and his loyal (?) guards. Also, the beautiful gypsy girls will try to lure you into their dancing circle...with promises of a lot of fun.

Bring a blue recall potion, it's a fast way to get back to Medievia. Whenever you go to explore a new zone, a trip to your locker before you go is very benefical. When you visit gypsy camp, remember to stop and smell the roses...and maybe pick some up for your favorite person.

                                    |   |   |
                             o          o---o
                             |          |
                             o  o   o---o---o
                             |  |       |
                             o--o---o   o
                             L  |       |
                |   |   |       |   |   |
        o---o---o-o o   o     o-o   o   o
                |               |
                o             o-o-o o
                                |   |
                                |       |
                                o    o--o

You are cherry pick nine thousand one hundred and eighty-five 
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